Renovation of old wooden floors

Renovation of old wooden floors

From the first steps of your offspring to the biggest four-pet run marathons, birthday parties or movie nights, the floor is the part of the living space where you live. Although the right choice of flooring is a long-lasting thing, it should at least be “refreshed” after a long period of use.

In previous blog posts, we have already talked about wood patio flooring, extremely low maintenance PVC flooring, and about floor types based on your lifestyle.

Well, in this blog post, we’ll talk about wood interior floors and their renovation.

How to prepare for their coloring and enjoy a good result? Sometimes it will be enough just to pick the right paint and to designate a free afternoon to repaint the floor.

Most importantly, make the right choice of paint. You can paint the floor with water-based acrylic or epoxy paint. Carefully evaluate the type of paint you choose: Acrylic paint, for example, is ideally suited for the bedroom, but not for the hallway as it is very common to walk there.

Pay attention to floor-specific paints, which are produced by many manufacturers. Typically, this paint has higher abrasion resistance.

Also important nuance – matte or shiny? Mud gets more sticky with matt, but scratches are more visible on glossy paint.

Once you have chosen the paint – sand it. For this purpose, medium rough sandpaper is suitable. True, if you are repainting old wooden floors, look closely at them for nails that have fallen out and so on.

After sanding the floor, thoroughly vacuum the room and cover areas that may be soiled during painting. Protect skirting boards and other parts with paint strips.

Do not forget necessary tool finish nailer! One of the most convenient is cordless finish nailer. Why cordless? Because it’s the most convenient tool for reaching the ceiling or even working on the ground.

Start painting from the far corner toward the door.

Apply a second coat only after the time specified by the manufacturer (this is usually written on the packaging).

For the second coat, use new or thoroughly washed paint tools.

Walking on a freshly painted floor is only possible when the paint is completely dry.

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